I'm the type of person


I'm the type of person to keep things to myself.
My feelings and emotions are kept in this bottle.
I was never really this way.
You see, I was once that person
Who didn't fear being "out there."
But one day, I fell.
And I fell hard.
Now I sit in this dark hole with no one to listen to me.
All these sleepless nights filled with tears.
No one can hear me.
Months were filled with trying to get people to hear me.
It never worked so-
Now I keep things to myself.
I crave all the help I can get, but no one will listen.
Why won't anyone listen?
Is it difficult to see me in this dark hole?
This dark hole is starting to fill with my tears and I can't swim.
I don't want to bottle things to myself.
I need someone to listen.
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