She is Me.

Expect this, expect that

You think you know her

like the back of your hand

You see her with a smile

and loves to laugh

You think she has the whole world in her hands.

Do you know that?

Do you know her on the inside?

Do you know how she truly feels?

Do you know about suicide?

Stressed, depressed and cries herself to bed

You don't know what's inside her head

She feels empty

She feels numb

Everyday she feels like shes being judged

She thinks she is too fat and too wide 

She wants to be like those other girls

So thin and nice eyes

She think she's ugly

She feels like she's not accepted

into society.

Her mother has always cared for her but she never knew the right words to say

Her father was on drugs

but somehow she always pretended think that he was okay

One day she broke down and started to cry

She wanted to take a bottle of pills

to end her young vibrant life

Music was her escape

It told her how she feels 

and that it was gonna be okay

She learned to find happiness

in the littlest things

When she was mad, 

She'd never bother to scream

She's silent

but her thoughts will always be violent

Now she's loud and outspoken

because she's got a bestfriend

and their bond will never be broken

Her best friend showed her that she is not alone

Now she has somebody to hold very close

No more suicide

No more of caring what people thought of her on the outside

She is happy

She is me

I am that girl

It's her and I against the world





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