Living While Winning


Living While Winning

Life with barriers your losing, 

Life with insecurities your losing.

Life with fears, and scares, and tears,

Life with depression and bad attitudes, is losing.

You get my drift? Your losing!


Life is more and important, Life is winning if your living.

You cry your eyes  out because your life isnt great. 

You have a roof over your head and a good fate.

An education in your brain and love surrounds you.

God is around you.

Stop cutting yourself and pray

Ask for forgiveness and a sunny day.

It's a privilege to live day by day.

Open your eyes and see your beauty, or your handsomeness,

And think God made me to this.

Your important to alot of people you know

You kill yourself, you reap what you sew.

Im not saying you gotta be pep

Just realize the greatness you hold within you

Something that you havent even let out, its brand new.

So listen im greatful...excited for life this day,

Always look up and realize your winning.




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