Do you lie in bed at night

wondering about the victorious


What he must be hiding from

you, do you ever pray for a sign?

It doesn't take miracles, and I know you're not blind

to see that the ruler was the only one,

think about his past, do you

think he got clean? Do you wonder

about the somber words he sings

at night?

Have you ever caught him in a lie to let us

wonder how he gets by

you at night?

Denial happens when you can't be proud

and the things he doesn't say

is a cry so loud it deafens you

to the things he does tell

when he shouts it from the bottom of a dark, damp well

can you save him?

before his empty stomach pumps with dirty liquid?

before all his lies and pain he put on others

comes back to get him?

before his glued together glass is put to a halt...

there's nothing you can do, Ion, it's not your fault.


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