free to speak

growin up it was always weird to me

that i was always told exactly who to be

to share their same views and their same exact beliefs

so with thoughts obscured

and blinders down I strayed from the herd

at times this was so confusing

no thought of using

and still choosing

what to allow in my own thoughts

which battles to be fought

or sprayed…

on old buildings which decayed

this was my outlet

without knowing yet

the fear that was missing within me

the fear of the world i would see

you see i grew up with two parents

and these two parents had a real good marriage

back when i thought i was cultured because i’d seen 8 mile

i’m not sayin its their fault or that i had no reason to smile

our lives are easy, all the while

mothers cryin from these shotgun blasts,

and people dyin from these shotgun blasts

40 miles north we cant hear the effects that are cast

on families that wont last

but hey, not so fast…

ignorance is easy to control

and we are definitely on a roll

but ignorance is bliss

and if I dont know you, you cant be missed

its just so sad to see

this many people just like you and me

we take pride in being "free"

free to progress

and ignore those who have less

free to speak without causing pain

given that your opinions are the same

free to be me

as long as I'm just like you.



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