Those were “my girls”, Those were “my niggas”.

I didn’t care about what no one said about me,

they were my shield. Those were “my girls”. Those were “my niggas”.

I remember we were smashing cupcakes in each others face, unaware of the ones around us.

Those were “my girls”. Those were “my niggas”.

We all sat at the table together, laughing at each others secrets, telling each others secrets.

Lol, those were “my girls”. Those were “my niggas”.

Knowing what I was going through at home, but they never brought it up.

Those were” my girls”. Those were “my niggas”.

Changing to a "white" school, I had to deal with everything on my own.

The laughs weren’t the same, the fun wasn’t the same, but these were “my friends”.

Isolating myself to one crowd and being reminded not to “act black”,

- what hell that was supposed to mean? I hated that shit but these were “my friends”.

But Going through things at home, I could still contact them because they were

forever “my girls”. Forever my "niggas”.



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