Daunting with every step you took in the wrong direction,

I am left dreary-eyed, sitting eternally, patiently, waiting
"Any word? Still by yourself?", said so freely
Though it hasn't come to light, still seen as perfection.
Finished with haste, and prioritized long ago
You came as you went, meandering traits long forgotten
Lingering on, a stench left haunting me
Debating my next movement, to stay, who would know
Unchecked by your actions, you slide by so unnoticeably
For I am the one taking passionate actions to ensure your being
Go, carry out a will by which you can escape
Foresight so lacking, and words used interchangeably.
How dare I for questioning, your hands filled with lead
For stronger and more educated I let myself seem
No questions or regards to any sentence I've uttered
Better off lonely, you're better off dead.
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This has a mood of intrigue within this poem. I don't know how you maintained it but its really cool and youre a great writter

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