To The Little Girl In the Future

I write to the Little Girl in the Future.

In case you have forgotten...

In case you have forgotten the beauty of the swirling passions of the primitive past

Of the befuddled mess of humanity, of errors, of sorrowful defeat

Of the thousands ways that we could have been better

Of the millions of questions we left for you to answer

Of our feeble minds devoid of reason when faced with our self defined impossible

What limits we placed on the limitless and how we governed ourselves with emotions that too often led us astray.


When you look back from your hopefully perfected world

To the mess we made upon the innocence of the Earth

I hope, Little Girl of the Future that you do not scorn us, do not laugh,

for the undeveloped developing children that we were


I write to the Little Girl in the Future

In the hope to remind her

In the hope to remind her

That we are but twins seperated by time

That the line connecting our humanity is simply the acceptance

 That you are not seperate from the flaws, but made beautiful by them

That in whatever paradise we achieve in the self solving algorithim of the world

You remember that the time line never stopped and started again

But continued on...




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