Success is in the palm of your hand.

Meanwhile, my palms are sweaty and my heart beats at a rate you wouldn't understand.

Everything seems bland, since I don't give my colors a chance.

I decrease their contrast.

Mom asks why there's so little faith in my stance.

And I'm wondering how long strong lasts.

'Cause at the moment, I feel like I'm at my weakest point.

With this weight on my shoulders, I need to relieve my joints.

Not being capable?  I know this is bogus.

But sometimes disappointment and failure are all that I notice.

So this is how I avoid embarrassment and mistakes.

I ache while I watch others accomplish things that are great.

What will it take to ignite this drenched courage

That's sitting inside, making me feel like I'm nourished?

I'm hoping one day, this situation can flip-flop.

So I can congratulate myself and feel that I'm at the tip-top.


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