Dreaded words that no one longs to hear





In your ears.

The words that are a messenger

Sent by a ghoul in a black, spectral cloak.

Threatening you and the ones you love

Not only your lives

But your sanity

As the very life you knew before

Is destroyed by those terrible words as if they are cutting daggers.

The presence of those words raise the hairs on your arms

And send shivers down your spine.

For you no longer know what is going to come, and life will never be the same.

Your loved one has cancer.

The effect of those words like daggers

The emotions inside of you

Suddenly running out of your mouth in uncomprehending remarks,

Or coming out of your eyes

As tears




Everything around you quickly changes

As you are whisked away from them.

You see them in glimpses

On their way back from an MRI

On their way to a hospital room

Constantly being moved.



And Jabbed by needles

Attempting to save their life.

All the same, they feel the pain from those needles.


Nothing sinks in until you find yourself alone.




Always alone.


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