One Time One Chance


Listen closley you will only hear this one time

To catch your attention I even made it rhyme

I'm about to tell you all about reality

So sit and listen so you don't meet my fatatlity


You do this and that because you heard it was cool

If you listened to that than you acted as a fool

Or was it because of stress and where you stood

let me tell you something, that will never do you good


All you do is sit and procrastinate

Than go off to say haters going to hate

What are you even doing this for

Why should I care if you meet a closed door


You're righ i don't know waht the hell you've been through

So i wont act as if I know anything about you

But we do have more in common than yuo think

Our stuggles from our past and present is that missing link


I could be a psychopath with what I've been through

Now let me sit and ask what about you

Your heart and mind is what you must enhance

Because in life you will only get this one chance






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