Sweet Dreams

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 17:04 -- Rosa17

It was a lazy summer night alone

in my room and I was thinking about

you 'cause when I laid back and

closed my eyes all I could see was

you and your smile and your eyes

and the light of the moon


It is now almost one in the morning

as I watch a million stars blink

away from my window I can't

help but to think that maybe

a faded star was all

I really was to you


The clock hasn't stopped

ticking and my eyes haven't

closed yet and as my thoughts

drift to distant memories of you

I realize they don't bother me

anymore and I am glad


It's a lazy summer night

and I'm no longer thinking about you

or your smile or your eyes


Crickets outside seem to

chirp a sweet lullaby that

soothes me into dull sleep


I don't dream of you.


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