Teenage Crises

t's 6:00a.m on the morning,
For a day that's prolonged, aggravating and boring,
You're tired, and exhausted,
These are the years of our lives that are the most awkward and stressful,
The years that determine how we can be successful.
The stage that last around 6 years. There'll be plenty of fake smiles and real tears.
At first you think people are real and will be with you forever
But are they around when you need them? Never....
You wear your smoke like a costume,
Then let all your emotions out alone in a room,
You want to change, be something new.
But your parents don't support anything you do.
All these problems, and then being ignored,
Like everyone played you like a cord,
"I have all these issues to tell and no one wants to listen, my life is a living hell!"
You take it out on yourself, and keep your problems inside "trust no one, always hide...."
"Life screwed me over, I'm just a waste, a blur..."


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