What Is a Woman?

What is a woman? She is a

Warrior spirit. Dauntless and resolute. She is

Opinionated. And has every right to be. She is 

Mighty and determined and never anything less than strong. She is 

Adept with an affinity for mastery. She is 

Notable, for every accomplishment is earned, none given. 


A woman is vital.

And yet she is never told this. 


She is told she is  

Weak. She is told she is 

Obtuse and intellectually inferior. She is told she is

Meager, minuscule, the lesser of the sexes. She is taught to never 

Aspire. Because she is 

No good for a man’s job. 


Women have a voice. We make ourselves heard. 

We know our worth. We know the strength of our abilities. 

But we have to keep shouting until the world listens. 

Until the world listens and learns. 

Learns to never tell a woman she is inferior.




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