What's your favorite color? Red? Blue? Those used to be my favorite colors too. Until I realized the power of color. Color is the home of discrimination. The feeding grounds for degradation. Seeing color is like allowing our minds to be held hostage by enemy forces. It restricts our mind from any form of openness, forcing us to think in only one way.


 Why is it that when we grow up, colors can't just be colors? In my neighborhood, colors bring nothing but fear and stereotypes. If you rock red then you’re Blood, blue then you’re Crip. Or like the black man that walks by only to hear the repeated clicking of car locks. Like the yellow man who they say can't drive, the blonde girl who can amount to nothing but a failure, or the brown-skinned man persecuted for his beliefs.


 Color always brings class. Back then it wasn't just TV. Instead, it was black and white TV or colored TV. Back then, black and white separated people. Black was slavery. White was slave-owner!


 Colorblindness brings the world 1 step away from reality, but 2 steps closer to world peace. If you can't distinguish between a red flag and a blue flag, then there is no reason to hate. If you can't distinguish between black and white then there is no reason to segregate. So it's because of this that sometimes, I find myself wishing, that the world was colorblind.


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