The Best

Everyone always says that we have to be the best.

The best athlete,

the best student,

the best youth,

the best applicant.

But no one stops to think of the amount of 

pressure they are placing on us.

We aren't always meant to be in the 

top one percent of people.

We are meant to be the best we

can be. And once we accept that,

we have a chance to change the 

world. Because once we fiqure out

that we hold the power, the sky really 

will be the limit. No one will be able to tell us 

where the limit is. Therefore there won't be the 

option of failing and we will turn heads.

Then people will truly say

you are the best.

But this time it will be sincere

so listen very carefully to me

every morning don't forget to tell yourself

"I will be the best me today."


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