The Thin Line

"When was the last time you stepped out of that cramped space?"

Oh, I'd say it's been ages

Since I could freely walk the forest trails and sniff the pine air

It's been forever. I've been busy.

So many apps, so many websites,

When is there time to skip in the daisy meadows 

Or take in the smell of freshly bloomed roses?!

I enter that four digit passcode and I'm sent to a different reality

A reality where there is no way out.

I tried to escape, but he's constantly behind me

He stays with me--even while I sleep--resting underneath my pillow

Waiting to light up with joyful distractions the second I awaken.

Hundreds of Millions of glowing pixels of terror, 

set up in a convenient hand-held device."

"Get off of your phone and talk to us," they say.

But he lures me in with his devious diversions

               2 New Facebook Notifications

               1 New Tumblr Followers

               5 Instagram Likes

The flashing light sparks a sense of extreme urgency

NEED to check it!!!


And just like that I'm pulled back to the other side

of the Thin Line between social media and psychosis


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