Before IT Comes


The time when my birthday falls

is when the days become thick with frost

and charged with holiday cheer

Hearts melt before roaring fires

No lost souls, tired feet, worried minds, wounded spirits

The residue of life’s hurts



Leaving nothing but

sweet kisses

and  joy on the day

before Christmas comes.


Cherubic grins and steaming cocoa

Frozen fingertips encased in wooly gloves

Merry melodies soaked in saccharine holiday glow.

People Jingling and Jangling,

In the hubbub

bustling brisk paces

Low stepping footsteps hurrying to catch up with high marching agendas.

Uncle Sam hoping

crusty coins cradled in deep pockets

are spent

before Christmas comes.


Crimsons and emeralds serenading creams and golds and silvers

Creating perfect harmony, evoking fuzzy memories.

A shift in the scent of the air

More sharp

More tart.

Matching the sound of crisply creased wrapping paper  




around stacks of temporary happiness underneath a looming evergreen.

More than Fantastic Five Figurines and

Party Polly Pocket Packs,

those boxes wriggle with magical stories,

tell tale signs of the true holiday season.

Of innocent children’s midnight wanders

listening for the clippity clop of Santa’s reindeer.

From Basher to Rudolph,

all are well versed in the art of sparking excitement in little one’s hearts,

Before Christmas comes.


Busy adults unfurl their velvet heart coverings

bit by bit with each

crinkle by crinkle.

Knock Knock Knock

Pound Pound Pound

Mr. Holiday Cheer

taps on rusted Heart Walls

soaked in Scrooge

bearing celebratory news

Before Christmas comes.


Mistletoe kisses

warm Christmas wishes

sing softly so softly below festivities’ buzz

Reserved smiles on

Reluctant faces.

Peppermint Schnapps laced with unpaid bills and the cries of children tripping on untied laces

Sugar rimmed Martini glasses rest between tired fingers

Cloyingly sweet

Till false pretenses fall away

Days before Christmas comes.


While carols play for empty streets

little ones are tucked away,

thoughts of magic and Santa’s sweets floating




and adults sit quiet by a crackling flame

Life’s heavy load which only grows heavier with time

diffusing       dissolving.



white white flakes

begin to










From a

black black sky

they make their descent

vanquishing society’s superficial depiction of a





Each different flake whispering


Preparing for the day when

Christmas comes.


Mother Father Friend Boyfriend

A small band of loved ones gather near

but when I blow out my candles

the whole world

anticipates       celebrates.


Four and a half



the day when Christmas comes.



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