Song Of Tears


Sterling Klein
Song Of Tears
When I sing,
I pour my heart and soul into each note.
Each high and low makes me seasick,
Yet I'm grounded, not afloat.
My stomach churns and heart pound-pounds
'Till it flies out of my chest
Leaving tears flowing forth
And forcing me to rest.
Every note is my symphony 
But it still falls flat.
The words flowing forth sound wounded
Unsure if in a pointless battle or if it should attack
Because as the words leave my lips
They join the air and depart.
With every word that is simply spoken,
It splits and cracks my heart.
But singing is another story
My soul open and raw
When singing, I pour my heart out
For it to spoil from a single flaw
For a flaw is symbolic
The worse you are, the more you make
And when pouring your heart out,
It feels like all of you is at stake
Tied up to be burnt 
To a crisp from that key slip
Or trying not to fall
But being unable to catch a grip
For when I sing a song,
My heart and soul is alive.
And I guess that's why even now
I feel an urge to cry.


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