The Cost of Living



To breathe, to live


To have shelter, to work


To eat, to shower


To learn, to have knowledge

a power


To park, to participate


To entertain, to build a lego tower

A thousand

a car

To travel



The real enemy 

Is blindly won

And spent with thoughtless reason

The rich buy yachts and Ipads

We stare

Why not a house?

For a family to share

A yacht? an Ipad? 

For what?

A mindless pleasure?

To soon break, to soon shatter?


Pick an ego, not a poison

Extra money in your pocket isn't your friend 

It's a starving woman and her three children 

It's an end to dissastisfaction 

And a beginning to someone's great action


Help others

Not for your pride

Help others

To help our planet not die

Just push your greedy feelings aside and reason

Money matters 

But it doesn't keep your blood pumping longer

Or make your bones any stronger

Put it out of your mind and far far away

Greed isn't happiness or something you should define


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