To Be Alone


No one undestands what it means

To be alone

To be ignored

To eat your lunch in the library

Hidden behind stacks of books

So no one can see your shame

To look at your feet when you walk

To keep their eyes away

To stop the secrets from spreading

And the lies from breeding

In peoples mouths

To be on display

As the fat slut that


Not who*

I am no longer a person

I am a thing to be looked down on)

stopped going to church years ago

To be mocked in the cruelest of ways

To be cat-called and have your named

slurred through the teeth of the

Nastiest thugs

To be friendless and hopeless

To cry in the bathroom instead of

Facing English class

To say to your mom, "I don't want

to go to school", and not be able to

Tell her why

To dream of ending it all and to

Wake up somewhere better

No one understands what it means

To be alone in a high school full of

People who don't know your name,

But seem to know your story.


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