I am a piece  of meat.

One that men stare hungerly ready to devor with hunger.

I am a piece of meat 

one that provokes men to rape and abuse.

I am a piece of meat that men howl after

with dirty, rotten, cheap words that make me feel less than human.

words that makes a girl feel as if 

she is not worth of fair treatment.

I am a piece of meat.


When a girl asked her asulter why he felt the need to 

sexually harrass her in the streets

he responded with a simple, 

"women where made by god for men"

"For pleasure."

"For sex."

How simple for a man to objectify a girl based on

the way she looks like

whether her ass is fat or too flat

whether her boobs are the size of watermelons or mosquito bites.

What they see are just pieces of meat.

Something easy, and theirs to keep.

But what they dont see,

is that im not just a piece of meat.

my intriqet design has its flaws and its beauties

I'm more than just a piece of meat, 

a dirty word, 


and a posession.

I am a person.

I have a beating heart 

i have lungs that pump air into my body

and a brain with thoughts that can change the world.

I am more than a piece of meat.

I am strong.

I am confident.

I am independent.

I am more than a piece of meat.

"God" did not make me for the pleasure of men

and I do not need a so called "compliment" to distort my image of myself.

I am not a piece of meat.


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