What Makes Me Happy Is When The World is Smiling With Me


Today I saw a homeless man, so I decided to buy him lunch.

He said with tears in his eyes that he had not eaten in days and said thank you so much.

This simple act of kindness made him so happy, Im so glad that it was done by me.

Today there someone crying, so I decided to give them the smile that I received from the homeless man. So I looked at that person and gave them my grin. It made me happy to do another act of kindeness again. I ended up turning their frown turn upside down. It was me that made their day, I was the one that made that persons grey clouds go away.

This feeling of happiness from the simplest act of kindness is here to stay. 

Today I saw kid being pushed around by a bully. So I went the little one and said dont be afraid, you have me. So I took his hand and to that bully, I helped him take a stand. He did not fight, or use words to put him down, he told the bully, Its possible to be friends, you and me, im just like you, flesh and blood, accept me please. The bully was so taken aback, that he said I am so sorry, its just kindness is something I lack. The kid said to him, the feeling of caring for others and feeling happy, is way more cool than hurting them and making them look like a fool. The bully was amazed how this kids courage just flourished. In the end, they ended up becoming friends. The little boy told me that I was his hero who was made in one act of compassion. He told me i was his angel in disguise; it made me so happy to change a life.

Today is now close ending, but I just had to realize that the reactions to my acts of kindess are the feelings that are worth remembering. Before I close, I just want to say, never top smilimg or doing acts of kindness because your life is your message to the world and you want it to be inspiring. It makes me happy when others have hope and are smiling just like me.  


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