Miss fit? Misfit.


United States
United States
Miss fit.
Miss, fit into the box of what ladies should be.
Miss fit into a pair of size two jeans.
Miss don't you dare be who you want to be
because society only accepts what they want to see
Miss are you charming, smart, cool- funny?
Miss are your boobs a cup size Double D?
Miss fit, are you who you want to be?
Does the mirror show you who you want to see?
Because society twists us, and tears us down
I dare you to stand apart from the crowd
I dare you to stand up for yourself
I dare you to smile about everything
I dare you defy all of society's rules that are disgusting
I dare you to speak up for yourself 
I dare you to learn to love yourself.
because if you can you're stronger than the people who can't do it for themselves.
Miss "fit" I'm begging you to be stronger than that
I'm begging you to be stronger than I was, because
here I am trying to pick up the pieces of who I once was
Miss "fit" once you succumb to their ideals you'll never go back
and once you realize you're in too deep 
it'll hit you 
                 like a train wreck.
Miss "fit" I once tried to be like you
but I couldn't, or I wouldn't be what society wanted me to
Miss "fit", I fit into a size twenty-two jeans
I wasn't pretty and shallow like they told me to be
But I learned to see the beauty in who I was. 
I learned that my quirks made me special because
they set me apart and I am a unique person now
I am not you Miss Fit, and I will always vow
to stand up against all those who make others feel 
like they need to be something they're not,
something that's not even real
because Miss Fit,
you're not even a person
misfit, that's something we can all strive to be
someone who stands up, speaks up, and shuts up
all of those people who tell others to hide who they are
because they don't fit, or society sees them as a scar
upon the beauty and the perfection that they think we need to be
but that is NOT US, Miss fit, be who you want to be. 
be crazy
be wild
be fun
be free
be free from the hate, the judging and pressure
be a misfit, cause trust me, it's so much better.
I am not a "miss fit", 
fitting into society's game
I am a misfit.
That. Can be my name.



sugoi!! watashi wa kore wa daisuki!! totemo shibui ^.^

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