Look Above Me

Look above me and you will find

An unfinished song forgotten over time

The notes are perfect in my heart they will collide

Love’s destination where feelings hide

In the depths of the overplaying lyrics that are told

Who would have known there was a meaning to uphold

There are things that we can’t understand

Problems that require even more than two hands


Look above me and you will see

Different things a different part of me

Positive or negative I don’t know

Let’s hope that I don’t let the light of life go

Love is like two souls that are bound

Two songs that make one beautiful sound

The outside world for me is far beyond

The kingdom of love is where I belong


Life is like a game almost impossible to win

My own created world is where I’ve been

In the end when you wonder what your life will be

Remove the negativity and you will see

That life isn’t really that bad after all

Hang on tight and you won’t fall

This story of meaning is almost done

You can go towards the light but you can’t touch the sun


What is it that we really need?

A friend or an inspiration?

To get us through life and difficulty

To power down negativity with motivation

There's the real power

The positivity of others

Truly deep down

We are all sisters and brothers

Who live every day

Hoping to make our lives bright

The test of Truth is time and

One day we will see the light



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