Enchanting Embrace


To walk into your light
An enchanting embrace of love and acceptance
To walk through not the gates of heaven
But the gates of your heart
For you to see that the only sin I have on hand
Is the sin you have in your heart
A piece of art that you created to be able to exhort the light of
enchanting embrace that I have comtemplated for a lifetime
Prehaps, just maybe, IF I may just get through, not to you, but your heart
That somewhere down the path you will feel my heart
And may find we share the same beat
My heart, a piece of art that you made in ME
To be able to exhort the light of enchanting embrace that shines, from
your heart ... to mine and then to the world
And prehaps, just maybe, I will be good enough in YOUR eyes to walk
through the gate of your heart
Right into your enchanting embrace

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