Non-Binary Silence


Every day I wake up in the wrong body
The misconceptions it causes
make me feel less like a miss
and more like a mistake
Our society has created such a small gap
between our bodies and identities
that every day I choke on the cloud of oppression
Struggling for a breath of self-expression
I feel as if we all put our binders on one arm at a time
until I realize that I’m the only one willing to risk my lungs for the chance that someone might not 
assume my past present and future
based on a thing that means so little to me
I would not cringe if it’s presence lacked 
But my body need not apologize
for it takes no fault in the fact that I’m tied to the terms mother and princess
None of which I am
It is that my body means something else to everyone I encounter
I tell others I’m not a girl
they say “he, man”
I say I’m not a boy
they give me “he/she, it, “What are you then?
Make up your mind! and Don’t try to be special because you’re not”
Your life is just a useful as your stupid pronouns
People’s eyes seem to be distorted mirrors
and I cannot express myself, for everyday it is somehow communicated to me that if my heart 
stared into them
they would shatter
Every night I drift off to sleep 
dreaming that no one cares that I am not a man or woman
And I wake up
in the wrong perceptions


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