Where does freedom really exist?

I am trapped.
I am scarred.
But I won’t shed these tears of pain on you anymore.
I walked towards the door.
To only see you walk away from me even more.
Oh the way you pushed me down,
It will be a sight I can never forget.
The next thing you said you wish you shouldn't’t regret.
How you promised you’d come back for me.
Ends up that you let me be drowned in that pit.
A pit of lust and reality.
Never thought you’d leave me tonight.
Never thought that it’d be this way tonight.
I’m left with nothing but a drunken whisper.
Nothing but lust here.
Embraced me with anxiety.
How I prayed to the soberness inside of me.
Someone please set me free.
Let you’re imaginations run wild.
It’s the best thing to do while you’re still a child.
Before your internal innocence is defiled.
And you live the rest of your life in what if’s and denial.
Never thought I’d lose my sanity tonight.
Never thought that it’d be left this way tonight.
So now I’m showered in great sorrow?
No, All of this should end by tomorrow.
How is a girl supposed to forget?
When society implies she’s supposed to regret?
Never will I ever live this down but instead of a frown,
I’ll kill their disapproval with a smile.
It’s gone.
I’m done.
Move on.


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