To my creator

Fri, 09/05/2014 - 17:39 -- yaly18


To my creator


Made me from love

Hold me in your arms

Raised me the best you could

With the best you had.


Confusion stroked when pastor said:

“Women are less

Man is the head

Devil are woman

God loves only men”


From that moment on,

Your look was cold as an iceberg

You were hard so on me

I couldn’t understand.


I never felt so lonely,

I never felt so misunderstood,

But you wanted to keep my away from evil

By locking the door.


Mother was your shadow,

Face down to your commands,

My brothers were learning

How to be the “man”.


I wanted to be someone,

Experience life,

So I refused to live

Like “God” told us.


Saving the money

From my hard work

I bought my first car

Oh my God, I remember your look.


I confirmed I was the devil

“Being a rebel under the roof”

“I just wanted to whore”,

But I really wanted to finish school.


You locked me in the farm

Took the battery from my car

I had nowhere to go

Nowhere to call


I met the love of my life

In those days I could escape to college

I was afraid to tell him

But he will soon discover:


He was the soldier

About to fight the evil dragon

Rescuing the Sad Princess

Locked away in the castle.


We came back from our romantic date,

Before turning into a pumpkin

My eyes were filled with horror,

When I saw all my belongings

Thrown outside,

The dragon was screaming

“Get this whore out of my sight!”


The brave soldier fought the dragon

And said: “Come with me princess!

I will protect you from evil,

Take what you can, we’ll ride ‘till sunrise”


The time has passed,

 I was saved from the dragon

I  still suffered for my siblings

And my mother in that shadow.


But I was happy with my prince

He showed me real love

He taught me how to live

How wonderful was the world.


Day and months passed

The dragon was still under the spell

From the fanatic wizard

Telling him: "You did well". 


One day I found out

My creator was in bed

Suffering from a great illness

Suffering from great pain.


My heart was broken

When they told me:

“He is all alone,

no one is visiting, not even your mom”


That is when I found out

I didn’t hated my creator

I felt sorry for him.

I went to the hospital

Saw him so alone, so skinny, so still.


I started to clean,

I started to feed him

I bathe him, to washed him

Slept in his room.

Silence was loud

We didn’t know what to say,

I continued this path

For 60 days.


One cold night

Trying to sleep in the couch

He invited me to lay down

The hospital bed was large for both.


Seeking out warmth

He hugged me and said

"Please forgive me,

For all I did".


"I was blind to see,

I was very weak,

I made you suffer,

I regretted this

Since the moment you walked in".


"You turned out to be

A marvelous women,

I love you more than life,

I am so proud"


I couldn’t avoid the tears

I hugged him so hard

For the first time

I felt loved from my dad.


He hugged me hard

We both fell asleep

Later I woke up

With a sound of a “Beep”


I saw white running

I felt my body being pulled

When finally conscious

I finally saw


They were trying to bring him back

When this occurred?

We were talking last night

He told me I was loved!


“Daddy I love you,

Daddy I forgive you,

Please don’t leave me here,

I really, really need you!”.


The nurse hugged me

And said: “I am so sorry,

He went in peace


He is smiling”.


- Yaly18


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