The Anatomy of Entrapment


Like a possession, you’ve trapped me in this cage of your control.

My loneliness arises like the sun, bright and unforgettable. Yet you push me away deeper into the dark. I’ve stumbled into your chains, screaming for your light, waiting to be loved again.

Me. It’s my fault. How I used to find myself so infallible is no longer present. It’s no longer real. Because now everything I do, everything I say, every step I take, and every move I make. The answer. It’s simple. I’m wrong. And anything I do just never favors to your likings anymore.

With my cage doors wide open, but your chains still apart of me, your chains still here around my ankles, your chains still here around my wrists.  You suggest to me that I can go, but you know, you must know, that I have no where to stay fore I’m chained to you, and my heart is chained to yours. My heart belongs to you.

Like a rescued puppy, and a now abusive master, this is really what we have become? I’m always on these chains of yours. There’s no more time for dreaming. Now this is reality. Can you feel this? This is real.

I can go you said again? No. Reading in between the lines I see your laughter, my stumbling, your frustration, my heartbreak, our tears, and lost love. There’s still hope, somewhere in this heart. You know I can’t leave, I’ll never leave. I must stay. I love you.



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