Expressing Thoughts From Deep Within


So I, just woke up and really hate what I'm feeling.

There's somethings I wanna express, that's deep beneath my chest.

It will never be the same, with out you, your the key.

You might sit within a distance, but tell me what you see.

I hope that its from the heart and not what others speak.

My work is full of art, just listen and you will see.

A guy inside a world, placed in superstition, that looks with alter vision.

These words are from my heart, the soul that lives within.

I'm clean clear as the sky, I write like its a verse.

But this is not a rap, I just thought that you should know.

My thoughts they all were packed, put together as a fact.

Everyday that I would see you, my body would starts to shake, my heart had changed it's rate.

If I looked into your eyes, you know that I would blush.

I remember everyday, like it was yesterday.

Some days I would be down, but your smile would lift me up.

Only If I had a crown, every time you had a frown.

My only occupation would be, to turn it around.



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