Foolish Dreams

I dreamed the foolish dreams of hope

The dreams that sang of a world anew,

I sat and I dreamed.

I dreamed of a world

With you.


To scold my prom date,

And watch me graduate,

To move beside me as I

Walked through life.

Dreams of days I wish I knew.


Why it is I craved your presence?

Faced with the truth of your absence,

I find myself pondering that still.

Perhaps it is due to the fact,

That the empty place of my heart

Is one that only you could fill.


Here I sat in wait,

Anxious for every word unsaid.

Picturing the day when I would run to your embrace,

As you reclaimed the daughter you forsook.

I would hold on,

reminding myself to breathe....


Foolish dreams indeed.


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