This Woman's Work

Inspired by Maxwell


Separated…it’s only temporary

I keep asking questions but no one will answer me

“Sir, wait outside, wait outside”

In utter silence aside from the sounds of time

The second hand keeps ticking away at my brain

This silence…this waiting…it’s driving me insane

“Sir, I need to talk to you in silence…

There are some complications…

In short, we need your permission

If we can no longer save them both…which should we focus on?”

…I don’t even remember…

The answer I gave to her

She ran back down that long hallway as my heart split and sank to the soles of my feet

 I fell to my hands and knees, so helpless…so weak…

Then I prayed to God with the strength to cope

I stand outside this woman’s work, this woman’s world

I know you got a little life in you yet

I know you got a lot of strength left

Our fathers are worried our mothers are crying

My tears can’t show but inside I’m dying

That red light continues to highlight “Emergency”

But no one’s come to rescue me

Thinking…of everything I wanted to say, everything we wanted to do

Take you to all the places we wanted to go

I didn’t give you yet everything you wanted, everything you needed

There’s still plenty I want to give to you, I don’t know why I didn’t

This is a heavy toll weighed on a man

When I can neither help you nor be there for you to at least hold your hand

I need back those little precious moments

I need to hear the sound of your voice, feel your touch; I need your tender kiss

I need to be there with you, I want to be in there…for you

The guard won’t let me through

These long…painful hours just keep going on

And I can’t help but feel whichever answer I chose was selfish and wrong

This pain of losing either of you has my heart breaking and I can’t take it…

Oh darling, make it go…just make it go away…


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