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We are groups of people

made to hate

because of who we love

not what we stand for.

Did no one listen to 

your parents?

You treat others how you want to be treated


throwing beer bottles

and whining when it misses their head


coming at them with a knife

because a man is holding a man's hand.

We are taught as kids

being gay isn't okay.

You could be a murderer

but you can't love another man.



can't I love who I love.

People would rather

have a man dying alone

in the hospital

because his boyfriend of 35 years

isn't his husband

than letting love flourish.

People would rather kill us off

than understand.

People would have broken homes

where kids come home to beatings

their head shoved in an oven



beaten to a pulp

cigars burned out on their arms

and hit with beer bottles to 

the point of being broken

than to let a happily loving couple of two men

to have that child. 

They would rather see 

a red sea of bodies

than to allow us

to live.

People would rather say





and watch their child slit his wrist

for every time he looks at a man

and feels a twinge of love

than to let him be happy.

They would rather torcher and torment children to the point 

of mental breakdowns

rushing blood

soar throats

living alone

on the streets

no love


Than to let them be them.

People love purple

that it means freedom

but I like the rainbow.

Rainbows have a million colours

and not one is quite the same hue.

No one hates rainbows

are the gorgeous colors it has.

Why can't everyone 

treat other people

like we're rainbows?


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