All I Ever Wanted

All I ever wanted

Was for my bisexual cousin 2 feel safe

Walking with her partner and not worry

'bout some fucktard trying to rape her straight

All I ever wanted

Was to find love

Even if it was with another man

ANd find happiness- is that above

Your perception-your thinking

What u were taught

What the preacher said

The bullshit u bought

All I ever wanted

Was to be treated right

And not be discriminated

Because I prefer XY

All I ever wanted Was for young ones to realize

They aren't alone

In where their preference lie

That's all I wanted

That and more


Don't u see?

Don't tell me about your Scriptures

They have no meat

They're old barking dogs

That have no teeth

Oh your god doesn't sanction?

I don't give a shit

In fact, tell him to hit the bricks

Because he's got too many rules

So suffocating

I ned an oxygen mask

To keep from asphyxiating

ANd I find it odd

That a spirit makes rules

Governing human bodies

And organs a spirit don't have or use

And Umar Johnson?

Don't get me started

His teachings are balderdash

They've been discarded

And Frances Cress-Welsing?

She got  a degree in Psychology?

Who gave it to her?

James Dobson and Focus on the Family

For the sake of every1

Open or hid

And every1 scared to say it

We're here

We're ally

We're queer

Get used to it



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