The Rest of Our Lives


I still remember when

We were very small

And we had great dreams

About when we’d grow tall.


you were.

And I could never decide.

Those days were such a blur!

But the memories are inside.


Then came the princess years,

I remember those, too!

Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty,

Always in the color blue.

Each of us fantasizing,

As crazy as it seems,

That a Prince Charming of our own would come,

To fulfill our dreams.


Finally we went to school together,

Even though we were three years apart,

And even when you changed schools,

you remained in my heart.

And I still remember, how

frustrated I was when you switched.

I could never catch up,

But I got over it, no matter how often I twitched.


But now I’ve caught up again,
And you’re moving on to greater things,

And despite how much we’ve fought,

Or the horrors puberty brings,

I’ll always be here for you,

I’ll always be your sister,

No matter what else you do.



This was just a piece I wrote when my sister went to college. Not one of my greatest works, but it was something I wanted to say to her. 

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