Some choose to put



Some choose to put off their future

They wait for it to come to them

They say that it can wait

That everything else is worth their time



Well that life isn’t for me

I want the best

I can only expect the best

I can only accept the best



But there are others

Who are like minded

In the search for everlasting knowledge

Who take long strides

Down the road

To a brighter future



For those who leisurely trudge down the road

To mediocrity

They may not realize

How simple it may be

To put in more effort

To just change their thoughts

And gear them towards higher values



There comes a time in life

When you’re looking down the paths

And you have to come to a decision

Take the left road; The one less traveled

Or the right road; The one most treaded on

Some may find it harder than others

But if you have a dream

If you have big goal and high standards for yourself

It’s obvious which road you need to take



Some get there

Some don’t

Some will always wonder

Some will live their dreams



I will be the one

To know what it’s like to be there

To know what it’s like to have lived my dream

To feel the overwhelming feeling

Of intellectual content



But I won’t stop there

If I don’t land on the moon

I’ll still be among the stars

I will strive my whole life

To be the best in everything I do

Because I deserve the best



Some don’t get there

Some do

I will get there

I’ll do my best

Just for you


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