Uncertain about my future.  Unsure about my past.  Everything that has come into my life, has not proved to last.  Uncertain about what I want.  Unsure of what I need.  And making every move, except the one that will be beneficial to me.  Emotionally unstable, clinging to anything that feels right in the moment; from becoming engulfed in coiling and lingering smoke to nightly escapades in warm and tangling sheets.   


Uncertain about my heart.  Uncertain about my mind.  No one has a full nor clear picture of who I am from everyone I've lost, to everyone I've come to find.  I hurt people in the process of trying to move forward.  I hurt myself, too.  And the only thing I'm certain about, is the uncertainty I feel and repeatedly go through.  It is a cycle of emotions, a barrier I can't break free.  Because the only way I am free, is to roam about sporadically.   




Poem I submitted for the #ToBeHeard Scholarship Slam.

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