My Dying

I walked beside you every moment choosing to be there

I stomped down the grass while the breeze blew my hair

I drank the milky rain from the heavenly clouds

I tasted it all as it fell on the graves like shrouds

I dropped to my knees and beat the door down to middle earth

But the devils went running as my voice gave birth

I begged to the skies to drop down  in my lap

My love couldn’t be gone the gods were too trapped

Wrapped up in my folly do you answer to the wicked

When their soul is so large only mercy will fill it

Your hands grew so thin just look at you now

‘all worn out and tired barely breathing asking me how

How do we go on what shall we do

Stop praying I said and start deciding who

Who is the mother when the moon goes to sleep

While we rise she just lays down to weep

 What deity is taking you so far away

don't they know we have appreciated each and every day

this god better take care of you

what else can i say



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