What's on my mind


Alright that was tight but homie keep the mic on,

I'm sitting here eating snacks while I'm on my iPhone 
See I'm feeling what you said, them others got it all wrong,
And keep in mind there's no beat this is a poem not a song. 
See people these days put value on the wrong stuff,
They'd rather have a big house than keeping their pillows fluffed. 
What I mean is that they let little things slip through the crack,
They put on a front, causing them to need to watch their back.
Attracting these girls that like them for their new wheels,
So when she tell you that she loves you you don't know if it's real.
So tell me how a man should feel is it our hearts they're trinna steal?
She can be really into you or using you for a free meal. 
And with the young life today, tell me what is going on?
Instead of biking and playing catch
they taking hits from a bong. 
11 year olds having sex
12 year olds be popping ex
Instead of right they going left
Somebody tell me what's next?
The future makes me nervous but I ain't never been afraid,
Some people try to make me hot but I stay cooler than the shade.
People getting on my back about decisions I have made,
But I won't hear a thing when I'm helping people and getting paid. 
See I'm at Whittier College aka Dub C,
But I'll be pursuing my masters at another university. 
Trinna get the MFT,
Might even get a PhD.
The motivation is in me,
Like the fish are in the sea. 
Staying above the influence
My knowledge is my insurance 
A strong mind keeps me safe
In this dark, dangerous place
See I could keep on going,
But this is my secret that I'm showing. 
My future's bright, yeah I know it,
Not a rapper just a poet.  




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