Don't Choke

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 16:11 -- Josalyn
Gears turnin’ so fast they’re on fire, see the smoke
And breath deep lungfuls of poisoned air- don’t choke
Daniel Tosh treats it all like it’s one big joke
But beware, don’t you dare laugh yet- don’t choke
Shirley Temple sang her heart out, her vocal chords broke
But don’t let yourself be silent yet- don’t choke
Late night studying, drinking can after can of cherry-coke
The acid eats away at your organs, don’t puke- don’t choke
Trying to inject an artificial education, just a little poke
But the rough texture of impersonal information scrapes your brain- don’t choke
Growing as strong and symbolic as an old oak
Don’t let sharp axes and bitter men chop you down- don’t choke
Because if you choke you end up alone and dying
If you tell yourself you’re solitary you’ll be lying
And usually, I’m not one for prying
But I can see your sad eyes and hear your deep-breath sighing
Through thin walls I can hear your violent crying
And I, of all people, know that you’re trying
But if pain were real estate I know you’d be buying
For years and years it’s your own noose you’ve been tying
I know because I’ve been there too- I got low
I couldn’t see light anymore, my world-view was too narrow
You sit obsessing over cards, trying to find a solution in tarot
I wish things were as simple as flicking a wand and saying repairo-
That solutions came as quickly as a speeding arrow
But they don’t- you must stop being as stubborn as the pharaoh
Because it almost seems you don’t want to be saved, like pain is in your marrow
This not-choking, this living is tough stuff, I know
We can’t give up quite just yet, though
It must be worth something to beat depression, our biggest foe
We can breath freely if we can just let go
Of what chokes us the most, of our burdens and fears
If we could look away, quickly shift gears
We have to stop worrying about other people, our peers
Stop listening to infinite insults from our mommy-dears
Because our suffering comes as quickly as your pearl-drop tears
Which have been rolling down soft cheeks for years and years
We must ignore the taunting of carelessness, it’s jeers
Stand back up, and for stable instability give three cheers
Because I know that shattered hearts keep growing
If you fill in the cracks with love, let it keep flowing
Over old wounds, a better glue than your attempt at sewing
I can tell it’s started to work, your happiness is showing
You’ve started to breath, colors returning, your cheeks are glowing
And as long as you’re with me that love will never start slowing
Because it’s for your faithful love I’ll never stop owing
And I’m telling you now you are someone worth knowing
And I’m telling you now you can’t suffocate, you have reason to keep going
So please, don’t choke


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