Why It Rains

Fri, 06/27/2014 - 05:49 -- rsuaz

I would never explain the first moment I felt it

and I could never reveal how it was the first conversation we had

because even if I did admit it

you will never be me so you could never understand

how I remember that I called you before dance

and it was the first time I heard my favorite soundtrack

but it wasn’t a song but a voice


yet pulled together to reflect an image more beautiful than the sunrise on a morning

where the innocent clouds meet the mountains traveled on by many

sculpted by few

and that mountain is you

always in view but somehow forgotten

reality is reversed

never in view and always in the back of my mind

as the mountains craft the land

I am scarred

I am sad

I am me

and I am fine

overthinking the way the clouds cling to the mountains before a storm

I fight

only pushing the raindrops

never stopping them

it still rains

a hurricane of emotion minus the ocean

enough to tear down my walls

and make me question


a why that cannot be explained

only analyzed in so many ways that it’s not fair

it’s not fair the way the clouds are forced by nature to hug the mountains so desperately

it’s not fair that the clouds and the mountains must depart

to only reveal the open sky

light blue against the mountain

the clouds permanently grey

moving farther and farther away

not by choice but by nature

it’s not fair

how the mountains will be eternally embracing the land

and the clouds endlessly drifting

hoping to one day find that kind of embrace

and that is why it rains


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