trance in atlanta


There's an owl outside my window.
The last place to look when you want to feel safe at night.
The owl is asking questions that i cant answer.
The mirror will finally shatter after the owl delivers dilemma. 
Who are you. 
Who is under your bed?
Who is inside your dreams?
Who will be there when you need someone?
Who is pretending that they will?
Matters who you ask and who they had in their past .
I can not reimburse a person or their experience but i can try to look outside this window without fearing it.
This bird is trapped in confusion.
Which i could probably use for my movement in order of people who use a trend to define who they are instead of letting expatriate take over to be who makes them a clone in world filled with bones of dead bodies buried alone for eternity till they're ashes that no one will think to weep of.
And who is there to make them fill important if your not in a history book or the heart of the truthful keeper.
No one.
No one.
Nothing exist. 
Now live with this and never be confused. 
Close your beck and sleep with this new anointing


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