The Fallen Generation

Y generation are you really proud? Our principles and priorities do nothing but bring us down. We constantly talk about getting respect yet we don't even respect ourselves. Turn on the tv or unlock your phone and what do you see? Half naked girls dancing for show and boys singing and rapping about the same things, weed, sex, and money. Where is the appeal? Do you not realize your life could be so much more than what you're making it to be? Look into your mother's eyes. Do you see the pain? She busted her butt, blood, sweat, and tears just so she could provide you a place to stay. And all she wants in return is love and respect, for you to go to school and obtain the things that she never had. But you can't even do that because you care more about passing a blunt than passing a test, chasing your liquor rather than chasing your dreams, being on the twerk rather than debate team. Life gets hard for everyone but when things get tough stick it out. Don't walk down a path of destruction. Too many young people have already died from assimilating into this black hole of a culture. They join gangs and do drugs. They buy guns and rob stores and banks getting sentences that completey destroy their lives. Why choose to be 6 feet under when you can be 10 feet tall, accomplishing goals and aspirations that could change the world? You don't have to be like everybody else. Dare to be different. Go to school, and give love and respect. Show the world that our generation consist of more positive than negative. Change won't happen over night but if you allow the transformation to start from your heart and work its way out, a ripple effect of change will consume you and everybody else. Do what's right and I promise the darkness that has consumed your life will evolve into light.


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