Dear Friend

I can see that you are broken

Liek a vase that's fallen off the shelf and was stuck back together with the biggest pieces

There are small cracks in you waiting to be filled with what you once were

But those won't come back

When you talk I can hear the parts of you that are missing

Fragments of thought dripping off the tip of your tongue

And you desperately clutch to them

Hoping you can substitue your thoughts for the holes in your soul

But thoughts are fleeting

They'll be gone tomorrow

And I can see that you think I can fix you

That my broken pieces will fint into your's

But we are not the same and I cannot do such a thing

Truthfully I don't want to

I need my pieces and can't afford to give them away

I've done that too many times and I feel like there's not much left of me

But I hope you can find something to at least cover your holes

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of filling cracked vases with gold

I hope someone can paint you in this way

That way you can recognize the beauty in yourself


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