I am


I am 

the girl with all of the coolest clothes, and the most friends in school,

the girl who everybody looks up to, and the NHS scholar, 

the girl who can get any guy with a snap of her finger,s and the girl who is in every club in school, 

the girl who has the perfect tan, and the amazing long brown hair, 

the girl who's parents adore her to no end, the head dancer at the school

the girl who gets invited to all of the parties, the girl with the small waist and the perfect bust

the girl who's hips are exactly curvy, and who has the star athlete boyfriend

this girl is unhappy and sad but mostly overall FAKE...

This isn't me I am not that girl...this is society's girl this is who society wants me to be.


 But I am 

the girl who dresses in her own style, and has two amazing best-friends, 

the girl who gives advice to people in need, and the future NHS scholar, 

the girl who wishes for at least one guy to notice her, the girl who is only in one activity

the girl who has light brown skin that tans way too easily, the girl with too -difficult -to -tame hair

the girl who parents yell at her if she does something minisucle wrong, the girl who dances in the back hoping to get noticed

the girl who never goes out on fridays and weekends, the girl with the too small frame

the girl who burps out loud, and who's laugh is atrocious 

the girl who isn't curvy but is happy with the way she looks, the single girl who is a die hard romantic

the girl who listens to One Republic, The Fray, and The script everyday 

the girl who is an introvert, the girl who doesn't conform 

the girl who stands out and isn't afraid of what she believes in 

this girl is very happy, and blessed but mostly overall REAL...

this is me, I am this girl this is not society's girl, I am not on the cover of ''Teen Vogue''

I am the luckiest girl in the world to have people who love her, and care

and although isn't the prettiest girl out there, she sees herself as Da Bomb.com

so if I could be anybody in this world I would choose to be me. 


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