No Conclusions

When will we go to clarity and get out out of confusion.

Grasping the preceptions of ourselves based on the media's illusions.

So many "activist","leaders","preachers" but no conclusions.

Setting our focuses on leaders that have power they're abusing.

The voice that we do have the knuckle heads are misusing.

Screaming from their toyota's "RIP MIKE BROWN!", but on the wheels are 36 inch rims they got from last nights looting.

Countless letters to the state but to no avail; im trying to reach the people!


Black lives, young lives, valued LIVES, we lost.

Fighting for freedom, rights, justice swept us for decades!

When will it all end and at what cost?

Travisties are current realities, human eqaulities are mere thoughts.

Will hashtags, tshirts etc. go from I am Trayvon Martin/I am Mike brown to I am a productive member of my country that has no restraint on my social standing.


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