She Ran.

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 07:54 -- ajc057

She cannot stop, she cannot quit,

but sometimes she wishes life would just get on with it.

She tries to stay positive, keep a smile on her face,

but it’s hard when she has to keep running this race.

All she wants to do is slow down, catch her breath,

but if she does she’ll have nothing left.

She can’t lose her job or she can’t pay for college,

and she wants to go she deserves that knowledge.

But that knowledge isn’t cheap especially since she’s from out of state.

When they denied her residency it made her feel like they’ve sealed her fate.

She can’t afford another semester with such high tuition.

When they rejected her they almost killed her ambition.

I said almost not quite,

this girl has still got some fight.

She’ll appeal the decision and pray it goes through.

In the meantime she could use some help from you.

She struggles working and being a full-time student,

but her grades prove she is very prudent.

So give her a chance, believe that she can.

Let her get to the finish line feeling glad that she ran.

I know she has potential. Help her be all she can be.

She thanks you in advance—I’d know, because she’s me.



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