Why must the good die young

I'll never understand

Why all these young people dying from guns in another mans hand

Why is law enforcement steady taking lives

How many more tears should these parents have to cry

Ya'll suppose to be protecting our people

But ya'll steady taking their lives

BANG! Another mother cries

I'll never understand

Why yall walk around with guns in your hand

Behind it all there's a cowardly man

You thank because you have a bage, it's okay kill

You think you've gotten away but GOD knows the deal

Skin tone is not a crime

So why must so many die

I'll never understand

BANG! Another mother cries but no ones there to wipe her eyes

Why must yall committ such worthless crime

It's all really petty, don't you think

One sec your here and then gone in a blink

I'll never understand





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