Aspirations from just another light on the back porch.

There will be a day when you and I begin to rust

and our youth fades into dust

We'll go out like a flickering lightbulb on a dusty back porch

Replaced with something much


more effiencent 

But my plans do not involve silently fading into the earth

I plan on going out like 


Shining bright 

and provinding warthm to those who surround me

lending light to those who are in the dark

Shining so bright that even if you stood lightyears away

You could still could see the twinkle I display

So when it comes time for me to evaporate into the ground 

I will not be any other flickering lightbulb


I will be THE flickering lightbulb that attracted

The moths




to briefly come together under a dull glow

to embrace what I have to offer



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